Attention: Purpose-led Conscious Driven Female Entrepreneur

You can have fun, feel fulfilled and still make money from your business.

You’ve been hearing that internal nudge….

It’s time to put more soul into your business, or perhaps it’s that you’re being called to create a business to fulfil your passion and purpose. To have a successful thriving business, there has to be an exchange of money, but you’re deeper motivation is doing the thing that you just can’t not do.

The problem is, you’re scared of going all in based on nothing more than a hunch - an intuitive hit.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you want to have a business that’s your own personal brand of your values, interests and passions, but you’re either too far in flow-land or focused purely on the bottom dollar.

You know you want to have the right blend of hustle-flow, strategy-soul, structure-spontaneity.

The 2 huge mistakes I see when women want to create their SoulWork Business:

  • They can’t decipher between fear and intuition, and typically allow fear to rule.
  • They don’t truly believe they get to have a business that’s fun and soulful.

Monique taught me how to strike the balance between creative work and play so exquisitely.

Working with her I learned how to hustle like mad to get my work and writing done but also when to slow down and take stock.

She gave me tools to break my tasks up into manageable chunks so the to-do list wasn’t so daunting.


Imagine how it would feel to wake up every morning, without having to stress about what to write, say, and create to make money. Talking about things you love, working with people who light you up.

Imagine, joyful, strategic, passion-fuelled, soul-led, flow-filled business building.

  • Knowing what needs to happen to grow your business in way that feels sustainable.
  • Being able to work in the way you naturally work, without feeling bad or lazy.
  • Feeling more energized after a super productive day.
  • Including self-care as part of your business practice.
  • Using your business as a vessel for your soul’s work..
  • Implementing systems and process that nourish you.
  • Creating your own supportive eco-SYSTEMS, that allow you to operate at a high frequency energy.
  • Aligning with cosmic energy, and nature’s cycles in a way that’s practical and powerful.

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I want to a purpose-led business>>>

Introducing..... SoulWork

The Zen Hustle methodology to blend your purpose, passion and soul mission into a balanced business that's sustainable AND profitable

What makes SoulWork different?

Here’s how SoulWork is different from taking another how-to system course:

It’s a 1:1 container for your unique and personal journey that will allow you to unpack your gifts and talents, and strategically package them in a way that feels good to you, and meets the needs for your Soul Sister Client.

All too often being woo/soul-led can be/sound wishy washy. I’m a Virgo, so I love all things spiritual but my earthy foundations need to be practical, tangible and more importantly get results.

This isn’t just standard ‘coaching’! I’ll be a personal coach, consultant and channeler for your business.

You'll Walk Away:

Monique Alamedine - Zen Hustle Mentor & Lunar Business Alchemy Coach

  • Clear on your message, offerings and money making strategy.
  • Feeling aligned with cosmic energy, so you can take amplified action.
  • With a structure and eco-SYSTEMS, so you have the space to allow for spontaneity.
  • Tapped into the natural way you work.

Here's what you're going to get during our journey together:

  • A 6 week immersive container - just you and me creating magic.
  • Unlimited Messenger support (Mon-Fri)
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions
  • Trainings, and session frequency tailored to your needs.

Click on the button below to book a chemistry connection call to decide if SoulWork Business Activator is for you.


SoulWork is perfect for you if...

  • You want to build a sustainable and profitable purpose-led business with ease, simplicity and flow.
  • You’re tired of following all the systems and formulas on the path to stress-ville.
  • You want to understand your natural work cycle and work with it.
  • You want to work more with cosmic energy and nature’s cycles in a way that gets amplified results.
  • You want to work less and create more.

SoulWork is NOT for you if:

  • You’re after a quick fix, and not willing to do the work required.
  • You can’t fully commit yourself to the transformation.
  • You’re not interested in combining the unseen with the tangible

I’ve found Monique’s Lunar Success System to be an easy yet powerful system that keeps me on track with my business goals. Monique talks about hustle and flow which makes a lot of sense to me in this fast- paced digital world where everyone seems to be talking constantly about taking action.

What I love most about Monique’s system is that it allows to you tap in to the natural energy of the moon to really leverage those peak hustle times and get things done but also to allow yourself the space to reflect, receive and celebrate what you’ve achieved in the month.

It’s a lot of fun creating different rituals at various stages of the lunar cycle and I’ve really enjoyed applying this system in my business and in my life.


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Meet Monique - The Zen Hustler

Hey there Sister, I’m Monique Alamedine, Business Coach & Spiritual Mentor.

I enable driven conscious Female Entrepreneurs to create consistent cash flow, increase their productivity and harness their intuition to guide strategic decisions so that they can build profitable and sustainable purpose-led businesses

For over 15 years I have built successful online businesses. As a certified Coach and spiritual explorer I have mastered the art of flow-led strategies which amplify results, without the grind, to help driven women build purpose-driven businesses, without complexity or burnout.

My Clients work with me to learn how to get more done, without feeling stretched, so that they can live their best life with ease, simplicity and flow whilst building and growing their purpose-led business.

I can’t wait to meet and connect with you inside SoulWork!

It’s time to bring in all parts of you to create the aligned action taking prescription blend just for YOU!

Schedule a get-to-know-you Sesh

Here's what you get:

  • A 6 week immersive container - just you and me creating magic. (value $2,222)
  • Unlimited Messenger Support (value $1,000)
  • Weekly 1:1 Sessions (value $1,500)
  • Trainings, and session frequency tailored to your needs (Priceless)

Total value = Over $5,000

Your cost = $1,500


Don’t let another wasted year of shattered dreams go by. It’s time to create consistent cash flow, increase productivity and harness your intuition to guide strategic decisions so you can build a profitable and sustainable and purpose-led business with ease simplicity and flow.


How long is the program?

6 weeks.

What do I get for my investment in this coaching program?

You get direct access to my eyes, ears and heart all over your business to build a business that satiates your soul (and makes dollar sense).


For a limited time you get access to The Lunar Business Success System.

What will I learn?

This is not just a peel away the layer coaching container (yes that happens too). It’s a hands on immersive immersion.

You’re going to implement Soulful Business building strategies in real time with my support and encouragement at every step of the way.

What happens after I click on the button?

You book in a Chemistry Connection Call to firstly see if we’re an ENERGETIC MATCH, and secondly assess what you actually need right now to grow your business.

How much time will I need to invest?

The more commitment and devotion you’re prepared to put in, the more amplified results you receive.

What's your refund policy?

You show up, do the work and get results. Your commitment is your money back guarantee. There are no refunds.

My Guarantee to you

Are you ready to Step up, and Step Into Your True Money Making SoulWork Business?

I want you to be confident when you commit to Soulwork, this container has the power to profoundly transform your life, IF you commit fully to the process.

Show up.

Do the work.

Get the results.

Super simple.

Let's have a chat to see if SoulWork is right for you>>>